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A Su Salud is part of University Health System located in San Antonio, Texas. The A Su Salud program aims to prevent breast and cervical cancer. We also work to reduce injury related deaths and disabilities in South Texas by educating youth about injury prevention. A Su Salud is a theoretical, evidence-based program based on social cognitive theory, transtheoretical stages of change and the health belief model. Our media and outreach efforts have helped increase cancer screening rates. A Su Salud partners with volunteers, churches, clinics, schools, support staff, nutrition centers and local businesses.

The positive impact of this program in our community encouraged us to raise awareness and increase screening on a major chronic disease in San Antonio: cancer. University Health System – A Su Salud programs are funded by the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) to develop and implement outreach, prevention and screening services to fight breast, cervical and colorectal cancer for the underinsured and uninsured in our community. These grants allow us to extend our services to a larger patient population.

Current CPRIT awarded grants:

Breast health: We will increase breast cancer screening rates for uninsured/underinsured minority women, 40 and older, who:

  • Have never been screened for breast cancer
  • Have had a five year lapse in their screening
  • Reside in high-risk areas of Bexar County

Cervical Cancer Prevention Program: We will increase cervical cancer screenings among women 21-64 years and develop a sustainable program that removes barriers and ensures high-risk women receive cervical cancer screenings. We will also increase the number of females who receive the HPV vaccine.

Past CPRIT awards:

Colorectal Cancer Promotion Program: Reduced the impact of mortality among Hispanics through the implementation of sustainable, evidence-based, health promotion and early detection. We worked to change behavior and increase the number of individuals who received colorectal screenings.

Colorectal Cancer Male Navigation Program: We increased colorectal screening rates among men in Bexar County. We partnered with the University Health System Endoscopy Suite, patient navigators and CareLink to provide financial assistance.

Cervical Cancer: This program worked to increase awareness about cervical cancer and how it can be prevented. Another goal was to increase the number of women who received Pap tests.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Campaign

The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) awarded funds to University Health System to help prevent cervical cancer in Bexar County. These funds are used to reduce cervical cancer rates in Bexar County by increasing the number of women who receive a Pap test and the number of individuals who have the HPV vaccine. The program is based on Social Cognitive Theory and the Transtheoretical Stages of Change models. These models have shown positive results in the Hispanic populations and help increasing cancer screenings and taking action to better their health. Through our health promotion efforts we hope to reach 29,000 families/individuals with these messages.

Components of this program include focused cancer prevention messages to the target population through CareLink inserts, newsletters, public service announcements, and phone calls. Media messages are focused on the south and west sides of San Antonio. These messages are sent to our volunteers and clinics.

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Breast Health Program

A Su Salud’s Breast Health Program is a grant funded program by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). This program works to reduce breast cancer rates in San Antonio TX. The goal of this program is increase awareness about the importance of getting regular mammograms, to navigate women to seek out mammogram screenings, and reengage women who have not had a mammogram in the last five years.

This program uses a variety of methods to deliver our message such as newsletters, public service announcements, social media, CareLink inserts, patient reminders and community presentations. The program is a bilingual program targeting uninsured and underinsured women 40 years and older.

By encouraging women in Bexar County to receive regular mammograms, late stage breast cancer diagnosis in our city would decline. For more information on the Breast Health Program please contact the Program Coordinator, Mariluz Martinez at 210-358-3584.

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Colorectal Cancer Prevention Program

The colorectal cancer prevention program was funded by the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT). There was a health promotion grant that helped disseminate colorectal cancer prevention information to residents in Bexar County and South Texas. The health promotion program ended in March of 2013. The goal of the program was to reduce colorectal cancer rates in Bexar County and increase awareness of this disease. This program used media components such as newsletters, public service announcements, and social media messages to raise awareness about colorectal cancer. We reached 748,391 men and women with these messages.

CPRIT also funded a colorectal male navigation program. This program worked towards increasing the number of men who received colonoscopies. Men who participated in this program had never received a colonoscopy, did not have signs of colorectal cancer and were Hispanic. Through this program we provided 371 men with colorectal cancer prevention screenings. Of the 366 men screened, 146 patients had polyps that could have led to colorectal cancer. This program helped save men’s lives.

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How I Stay Safe Program

The How I Stay Safe program is part of University Health System’s commitment to raise awareness in our school aged children on how to prevent injuries. Injury prevention presentations are provided to the school age children, teachers and faculty. Injury is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. This program focuses on helping children understand what situations are dangerous and concentrates on a broad range of injury prevention topics ranging from home safety to disease prevention.

We currently work with San Antonio and Harlandale Independent School Districts. Separate competitions are held with each school district. The contest begins in January and students have until the end of February to draw their picture. Entries are picked up from the school and go through several rounds of judging before winners are selected. The contest is visible throughout the community and reaches thousands of children and their families every year. In 2013, almost 3,000 children participated.

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