Before it can be felt

Before it can be felt

Sandra V. Ramos was not interested in getting a mammogram. She did not see the benefit. Now, after learning what is involved in a breast exam, she understands the importance.

Ramos first learned about mammograms from a friend. She learned a machine would press clear plastic plates on the breast and take an X-ray. Through these X-ray images, doctors can see changes in the breasts that cannot be felt with your hands. Mammograms detect breast lumps when they are smaller than a pea size, sometimes up to three years before they can be felt.

Now that Ramos had her mammogram, she feels they are important because “if there is a cancer, that is the only way you can detect it early and it can save someone’s life.” Women should get mammograms once they turn 40. Then, they should get them every year.

She feels “it is important to have it [mammograms] done. Even if it hurts, and even if it is something that seems embarrassing, in the long run… it can be treated early. If not, it can be too late.” Ramos encourages other women to get mammograms and says, “it would be better if she went with the doctor right away.”

Don’t wait to get your mammogram.

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