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Monica Buentello knows it is important to take care of her health. She wants to stay healthy for her son and her future. Regular exercise and the HPV vaccine helps accomplish this goal.

Buentello didn’t know much about the HPV vaccine. She learned about the vaccine at a health fair. She found out the HPV vaccine helps prevent certain types of cancer such as cervical cancer in females and throat cancer in males. It is given in three doses over six months. Males and females between the age of 9-26 should get the HPV vaccine.

She decided to get the HPV vaccine “for safety precautions and ease of mind.” She also eats healthy foods and works out. The HPV vaccine and regular physical activity helps keep you healthy and reduces your risk of getting sick. Buentello feels if you engage in healthy behavior then “you are strong enough to fight off different diseases and different viruses better than if you weren’t healthy.” Buentello enjoys working out because, “I have more energy throughout the day. I’m not so tired and I don’t get sick very often.”Buentello thinks the HPV vaccine is “something every girl and guy should do for protection.”

Double your health. Exercise regularly and get the HPV vaccine.

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