Finish what you started

Sometimes it is hard to finish what we started. Our lives get busy or we forget. But when it comes to our health, we should always finish what we started. That is what Ann Espino and her daughter Angie Villegas are doing. This month Villegas will finish her last human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.

Males and females between the ages of 9-26 should get the HPV vaccine. It helps protect them from getting genital warts. It also protects females from getting cervical cancer. The vaccine is given in three doses over six months. It is important to finish all three doses so you are fully protected.

Cancer runs in their family so Espino wants to protect her daughter, “I want to prevent her from contracting this [HPV]. For having a fighting chance or perhaps not getting the cancer cells.” She urges others, “Mom’s: make sure your kids get it.”

Villegas is happy to get the vaccine, “I’m pretty glad I’ve taken it.” She encourages others to, “Get it, because who would want cancer? I’ll tell my friends. I’m going to text them and tell them to go get it.”

Make sure to finish all three doses.

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