Males are the carriers

The number of people with cancer is rising. Cancer prevents people from enjoying their hobbies and living a normal life. For these reasons, Roy and Janice Viera feel it is important to prevent cancer. They started the HPV (Human Papillomavirus) vaccine series. This vaccine protects them from strains of HPV that can cause cancer.

HPV affects both males and females. It is passed from person-to-person during intimate times and can cause genital warts. In females, HPV can cause cervical cancer. In males, it can cause throat, penile and anal cancer. Males spread the virus because they are the carriers. But, the HPV vaccine is an important step in preventing the spread of HPV.

The HPV vaccine is given in three doses over six months. Males and females between the ages of 9-26 should get the vaccine. It is important to get it before you turn 26. After age 26, you cannot get the vaccine.

Roy and Janice Viera want to prevent cancers caused by HPV and genital warts. They started the vaccine series to stay healthy, “So we won’t get diseases or die.” Roy said, “I don’t want to get either. Most people don’t care about their health but they should.”

Males and females should get the HPV vaccine today.

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