Ready for back-to-school?

Maria Rivera enjoys walking and spending time with her children. She wants the best for them and knows vaccines help keep her children healthy. That is why she decided to get her oldest daughter the HPV vaccine when the doctors recommended it.

Rivera and her eldest daughter were at the doctor’s office to get her back-to-school vaccines. During that visit, their doctor recommended it and told her about the importance of the vaccine. Rivera said, “She was there for her other vaccines so they just incorporated this one.”

The HPV vaccine is given in three doses over six months. Males and females between 9-26 years old are able to get the vaccine. It helps protect females from cervical cancer. The vaccine helps protect males from certain types of cancers. Starting the vaccine series during back-to-school means your child should be done by spring break.

Rivera also plans to get her younger daughter the vaccine once she is old enough, “She hasn’t gotten them yet but when her next visit comes up she will.” Rivera feels, “It is important for your children to get all their vaccines to live a healthy life. So they won’t get a disease.”

Add the HPV vaccine to your back-to-school vaccines.

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