The gift of help

As Mother’s Day gets closer many of us begin to wonder what to give our mother. Families begin to buy their moms gifts. Instead of buying her something, show her how much you care. Encourage your mother to get regular health screenings that could save her life. That is what Xochitl Rodriguez did. She showed her mother how much she cares by urging her to get a Pap test. A Pap test checks a woman’s cervix to make sure the cells are normal.

Rodriguez knows cancer runs in her family. She knows getting a Pap test helps reduce the risk for getting cervical cancer. “I do know that I don’t want it [cervical cancer]”, said Rodriguez. She wants her mother to be around for a long time and encourages her to get regular Pap tests. Women between the ages of 21-64 should get regular Pap tests.

Gloria Hernandez was happy Rodriguez encouraged her to get a Pap test, “I felt like she really cared. I knew I needed to get regular checkups but sometimes I didn’t.” Hernandez wishes she would have gotten regular screenings long ago, “In the long run, I wish when I was young that someone would have encouraged me.”

Give your mom the gift of help. Encourage her to get a Pap test today.

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