Time to wake up

Vicente and Mary are health educators. They enjoy learning about new health information through research and reading. They know health screenings, such as mammograms, are important to stay healthy.

Mammograms detect changes in the breasts that can not be felt. Finding them early is important because these changes could lead to cancer. Women should start getting mammograms at age 40 unless a doctor says otherwise. Then, they should get them once a year.

Garcia sometimes skipped her mammograms because she was busy taking care of her children. She thought the old mammogram machines were painful. But, new technology is making mammograms less painful. Now, Garcia realizes they are important and gets regular mammograms. She urges other women to get them too saying, “It is imperative that you get all types of preventive screenings. If you can get these screenings, get them.”

Her husband, Mr. Garcia urges the community, “to wake up and start looking into health for their family…. Health is a team work between the medical provider and the community.”

Talk to your doctor about getting a mammogram.

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