When should teens be vaccinated?

Connie Orozco and Tracy Rodriguez are health educators. They know it is important to vaccinate our youth against diseases that can lead to cancer. That’s why the HPV vaccine is necessary, it helps prevent cancer.

The HPV vaccine is available for males and females from 9-26 years old. Doctors recommend parents get their kids vaccinated between the ages of 11-12, before they are at risk for HPV. Rodriguez thinks it is important for parents to “explain it to your child when you are giving it to them. The more they know [when they are] young, they will be prepared when they are older.”

The HPV vaccine is given in three doses over six months. Parents are encouraged to get their children vaccinated. Orozco feels the HPV vaccine is important, “because there are many kinds of diseases out there and you need to protect your kids, so they need to be vaccinated.”

Orozco encourages anyone who has not gotten the vaccine to, “Go get it. Protect yourself.” Keep your children healthy. Rodriguez says, “Get tested, stay vaccinated, [and] don’t be scared to talk to your children.”

Talk to your doctor about the HPV vaccine.

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