Yearly Mammograms

Monica Lagunas enjoys roller skating. Roller skating can help keep you healthy by staying physically active. Mammograms are also an important way to stay healthy.

During a visit with Lagunas healthcare provider, her doctor told her she needed a mammogram. The doctor told her women should begin getting mammograms at age 40. Then, breast exams should be done once a year. Yearly mammograms help find breast changes early, before they can be felt.

A Patient Navigator helped schedule Lagunas’ appointment. Patient Navigators are there to assist you during the mammogram process. Lagunas said Patient Navigators helped with “setting up my appointment, telling me where to go, they basically told me what was going to happen, and they were real sweet and helpful.”

Lagunas feels getting a mammogram is important but she didn’t always think this; “I didn’t use to feel that way. My mom would tell me my aunts had breast cancer. And I was like: ‘Oh yeah maybe I should get a mammogram’.” With this information and the encouragement from the Patient Navigator and her doctor, Lagunas now gets her yearly mammograms. “I think that’s very dangerous not to get a yearly mammograms. They [women] need to get them.”

Don’t wait to get a mammogram.

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